conductivity meters - CC-461
The conductivity meters, sometimes called electrical conductivity meters (EC meters) are used for measurements of conductivity, salinity, TDS and sometimes resistivity. They are used for measurements of conductivity of ultra pure water, ground water, clean water, river water, waste water, in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, during manufacturing processes, during galvanisation processes, for measurements of salt content in the soil and in the hydroponics.

Depending on the workplace we offer:
- Portable conductivity meters for field work.
- Portable conductivity meters for laboratory and field work.
- Laboratory conductivity meters (table top, bench meters).
- Industrial conductivity meters (controllers for continuous measurements).
Measurements of conductivity are also possible with our multifunction meters.

Measurements of conductivity in temperatures different than the reference temperature require introducing a adequate α, coefficient (temperature coefficient) what very often is a problem but has the greatest impact on the accuracy of the measurement. In our conductivity meters of series 401 and higher it is possible to choose an automatic introduction of the changing coefficient for the natural and ultra pure water what makes the work much easier and increases the accuracy of the measurement.
The offered meters differ in the accuracy, measuring range and additional features.
The conductivity meters co-operate with conductivity cells chosen depending on the measuring range and type of the measured liquid.

The conductivity meters are grouped in series. There are following series in our offer:

- pocket size, for field work.
- for field and laboratory work.
-for field and laboratory work, colour touch screen.
- for field and laboratory work, high accuracy, many additional features.
- for field and laboratory work, in case of multifunction meters simultaneous measurement and result observation of up to 4 functions, color touch screen.
- for laboratory work.
- for laboratory work, high accuracy, many additional features.
- for laboratory measurements, color graphic touch screen.
- for laboratory measurements, high accuracy, in case of multifunction meters possibility of simultaneous measurement and result observation of up to 5 functions, color graphic touch screen.
- for laboratory work, also field version available, highest accuracy, large, color graphic touch screen. Possibility of simultaneous measurement and displaying results of 7 functions, possibility of observing results in numerical or graphical form.
- for continuous measurements and controlling, simple and more developed models.
- simple, with not replaceable electrodes, lower accuracy than in meters.
- accessories for meters

Each next series is more developed, has a better accuracy and more additional features.

It is also possible to directly choose the model of the meter from the list below:
CC-105 conductivity meter
CPC-105 pH / conductivity meter
multifunction meter
CC-411 conductivity meter
CPC-411 pH / conductivity meter
CC-401 conductivity meter
CC-404 conductivity meter with four-electrode cell
CPC-401 pH / conductivity meter
CCO-401 conductivity / oxygen meter
multifunction meter
CC-461 conductivity meter
CPC-461 pH / conductivity meter
CX-461 multifunction meter
CC-511 conductivity meter
CPC-511 pH / conductivity meter
CC-505 conductivity meter
CC-502 conductivity meter
CPC-505 pH / conductivity meter
CPC-502 pH / conductivity meter
conductivity / oxygen meter
conductivity / oxygen meter
multifunction meter
multifunction meter
multifunction meter
multifunction meter
Conductivity controller
TC-2 and TC-3
conductivity tester
pH / conductivity meter
conductivity controller
multifunction controller