coating thickness gauges - MG-405
The offered by us coating thickness gauges also called coating thickness meters are used for measurements of thickness of different layers like: lacquer (varnish), anti-corrosion layers, foil etc. laid on the metal surfaces. In our offer there are meters for measurements only on the ferrous surfaces (Fe) or gauges enabling measurements both on the ferrous and non ferrous metals (aluminum, copper) with use of 1 measuring head.

We offer:
Portable coating gauges – for field work.
Portable coating gauges for laboratory – field work.

The coating meters are grouped in series. There are following series in our offer:

- posket size, for field work.
- for field and laboratory work.
- for laboratory and field work, high accuracy, many additional features.
- accessories for meters

Each next series is more developed, has a better accuracy and more additional features.

It is also possible to directly choose the model of the meter from the list below:
MG-101 tester
Coating thickness gauge
Coating thickness gauge MG-411
Coating thickness gauge MG-401
Coating thickness gauge MG-405