ion meters - CPI-601
The ion meters are devices used for measurements of specific ions in the water with use of an ion selective electrode.
In most cases the ion meters enable also simultaneous measurements of pH, mV and temperature, as this additional functions are needed during the ions measurements. In our ion-meters the molar weight and valence of the measured ion is automatically introduced after choosing the specific ion. This enables calculating result to the chosen unit and also enables changing one unit to another with automatic recalculation.
Most of our meters have separate, isolated connectors and measuring circuits, what enables simultaneous connecting the ion selective electrode and the pH electrode and the results have no influence one on another.
Because of the highly complicated methodology of samples preparation and the measurements it is not advised to use the ion meters for the field measurements. That is the reason why we don't have in our offer portable / field ion meters but only laboratory devices. The ion selective electrodes most often are offered as a set of 2 separate electrodes: measuring and reference which are connected to separate connectors in the meters. Some of the electrodes are also available as the combination units - measuring and reference electrodes in one housing.

The ion meters are grouped in series. There are following series in our offer:

- for laboratory work, high accuracy, many additional features.
- for laboratory work, high accuracy, large, color graphic touch screen. In multifunction meters possibility of simultaneous measurement and displaying results of 5 functions.
- for laboratory work, also field version available, highest accuracy, large, color graphic touch screen. Possibility of simultaneous measurement and displaying results of 7 functions, possibility of observing results in numerical or graphical form.
- accessories for meters.

Each next series is more developed, has a better accuracy and more additional features.

It is also possible to directly choose the model of the meter from the list below:

CPI-505 ion meter
CPI-502 ion meter
CPI-601 ion meter
CX-601 multifunction meter
CX-705 multifunction meter