• The new 660 series

    laboratory pH-meters and conductivity meters

  • Air osygen concentration meters

    cooperating with maintenance-free sensor

  • CO-404

    Oxygen meter with optical sensor

  • CX-705

    modern and precise multifunction meter

We manufacture following electronic measuring instruments: pH-meters, ion meter, conductivity meters, salinity meters, oxygen meters for measurements in water and in the air, humidity meters, thermometers and coating thickness gauges. This meters are offered as portable, laboratory and industrial devices for continuous measurements and controlling.
Most of the products is designed and manufactured by our company.
The distinctive features of the offered products are accuracy, durability and favorable price.
A proof of a good quality and reliability of our products may be a fact that we receive for controlling meters which work trouble free for over 25 years.
ELMETRON exists almost 30 years and all the time we work on new projects and improve the older ones.
In Poland, the company has about 60 agents, and abroad, the devices are sold to more than 40 countries.
Products made by ELMETRON have won many prises and received many distinctions.