oxygen meter - CCO-505
The offered by us oxygen meters are used for measurements of the oxygen dissolved in water or oxygen in the air. The measurement of the oxygen may be done in % or w mg/l.
In our offer we have oxygen meters for measurements in water (liquids), in the air and both in liquids and in the air.

Oxygen meters for measurements in water with additional feature of measurements in the air are used for wor in ultra pure water (in energetics), clean water, ground water, water in rivers, lakes and ponds, water treatment stations, chemical processes, brewing and industry.
This oxygen meters co-operate with galvanic oxygen sensors. The sensors are accurate and easy in use, when correctly used and maintained may work for several years. Their price is highly competitive.

Oxygen meters for measurements only in water and other liquids co-operate with optical dissolved oxygen sensors DO-1. The main features of the optical oxygen sensor DO-1 are: immediate ready for work, fast result stabilisation, lack of replacable electrolyte, no need of sample flow. Oxygen meter with optical oxygen sensors are virtually maintenance free.

Oxygen meters for measurements only in air work with COG-3Atz maintenance free oxygen sensors characterised by a long lifespan.

Depending on the workplace we offer:
- Portable oxygen meters for field work.
- Portable oxygen meters for laboratory and field work.
- Laboratory oxygen meters (table top, bench meters).
- Industrial oxygen meters (controllers for continuous measurements).

Measurements of oxygen are also possible with our multifunction meters.

We also offer portable oxygen meters that determine trace amounts of oxygen in closed circuits in deoxygenated waters.

In the case of measuring the oxygen content in water in mg/l, the final result is also influenced by atmospheric pressure and salinity of the tested liquid. In more advanced oxygen meters, the measurement and conversion of their influence on the result is automatic. It is advisable and more economical to use an instrument that allows simultaneous measurement of oxygen and salinity concentrations, automatically taking into account the influence of this parameter on the final result (e.g. in the CCO-401 model), and not several separate devices.

The oxygen meters are grouped in series. There are following series in our offer:

- pocket size, for field work.
- for field and laboratory work.
- for field and laboratory work, colour touch screen.
- for field and laboratory work, high accuracy, many additional features.
- for field and laboratory work, in case of multifunction meters simultaneous measurement and result observation of up to 4 functions, color touch screen.
- for laboratory work, high accuracy, many additional features.
- for laboratory measurements, high accuracy, in case of multifunction meters possibility of simultaneous measurement and result observation of up to 5 functions, color graphic touch screen.
- for laboratory work, also field version available, highest accuracy, large, color graphic touch screen. Possibility of simultaneous measurement and displaying results of 7 functions, possibility of observing results in numerical or graphical form.
- for continuous measurements and controlling, simple and more developed models.
- accessories for meters

Each next series is more developed, has a better accuracy and more additional features.

It is also possible to directly choose the model of the meter from the list below:
CO-105 oxygen meter
multifunction meter
CO-411 oxygen meter
CO-411A oxygen meter for air
CO-401 oxygen meter
CO-404 oxygen meter with optical sensor
CO-402 oxygen meter
CPO-401 pH / oxygen meter
CCO-401 conductivity / oxygen meter
multifunction meter
multifunction meter
CO-505 oxygen meter
CO-502 oxygen meter
pH / oxygen meter
pH / oxygen meter
conductivity / oxygen meter
conductivity oxygen meter
multifunction meter
multifunction meter
multifunction meter
multifunction meter
oxygen controller
oxygen controller
for air
oxygen controller
multifunction meter