The most important features:

Detailed description:

CPO-401 masures pH, redox (mV), atmospheric (air) oxygen and oxygen dissolved in water and sewage in % of saturation or mg/l, temperature and atmospheric pressure.
The operating procedures in all measuring functions has been unified, what makes working trouble-free.

Characteristic features:

In the pH measurement mode:

In the redox (mV) measuring function:

Oxygen measurement function:

If the measurements of oxygen in mg/l are preffered its advised to buy the CCO-401 meter which automatically counts the influence of salinity measured in the conductivity mode on the oxygen measurement result, or CX-401 which additionally measures also the pH.

Other features:

The standard set includes: COG-1 oxygen sensor, CT2B-121 temperature sensor with Pt-1000B resistor, EPS-1 pH electrode for measurements in clean water. It should not be used in other types of liquids. Measurements in liquids with sediments should be made with use of IJ-44A pH electrode, which enables measurements in various samples of both pure and contaminated liquids and semi-solids. Its unusual construction (”intermediate junction”) protects the real junction (diaphragma) of the electrode against clogging, ensures stable measurements in these types of liquids or semi-liquid masses, in which other electrodes stop working quickly. When properly handled and maintained, the electrode's lifetime is longer than the standard electrodes.

Function pH mV / redox Oxygen water % Oxygen water mg/l Oxygen air % Temperature
Range -6.000 ÷ 20.000 pH ±1999.9 mV 0 ÷ 600 % 0 ÷ 60 mg/l 0 ÷ 100 % -50.0 ÷ 199.9 °C
(± 1 digit)
±0.002 pH* ±0.1 mV* 0.1 % 0.01 mg/l 0.1 % ±0.1 °C**
Temperature compensation -5.0 ÷ 110.0 °C - - -5.0 ÷ 40.0 °C - -
Input impedance >1012Ω >1012Ω - - - -
Atmosph. pressure 800 ÷ 1100 hPa, accuracy 2 hPa
Temperature sensor Pt-1000 standard or accurate
Power supply Rechargeable batteries: 2x AA 1.2 V; 5 V/1000 mA microUSB power adapter
Weight 220 g
Dimensions (mm) L = 149, W = 52, H = 22
* The accuracy of the meter only.
** The accuracy of the meter only. With COG-1 or COG-2 oxygen sensor the accuracy at calibration temperature: ±1 %. By the difference ±5 °C accuracy: ±3 %, by the difference ±10 °C accuracy: ±5 %.
*** The accuracy of the meter only. The total error includes the meters and probe’s accuracy. In the range 0 ÷ 100 °C the acceptable error of the probe with Pt-1000B resistor: ±0.8 °C, with Pt-1000A resistor: ±0.35 °C.