The most important features

Detailed description

Measures: conductivity, salinity, TDS and temperature.
Thanks to wide conductivity measuring range it may be used for both ultra pure water and saline measurements.

Characteristic features:

In comparison with CC-505 the meter has smaller display without backlight. There is no possibility to "hold" the reading on the display and no information about the reading stabilisation. Does not create calibration reports. No possibility of viewing the electrode's buffer and slope. The meter has no function of automatic calculations of the α coefficient for natural and ultra pure water.

The set includes CT2B-121 temperature probe with Pt-1000B resistor and accurate ECF-1 conductivity cell. Range: 0 ÷ 400 mS/cm is sufficient for conductivity measurements in majority of liquids with maximal concentration, ex.: aqueous soil extracts, water with grease, oil or fats. Metal electrodes are easy to clean.
Plastic housing protects from mechanical damage.

Function Conductivity Salinity Temperature
Range 0 ÷ 1999.9 mS/cm
autorange - 6 subranges
NaCl 0 ÷ 250 g/l
KCl 0 ÷ 200 g/l
-50.0 ÷ 199.9 °C
Accuracy (± 1 digit) up to 19.999 mS/cm ±0.1 %*,
above 20,00 mS/cm: ±0.25 %*
±2.00 %* ±0.1 °C**
Temp. compensation -5 ÷ 70°C -5 ÷ 70°C -
α coefficient 0.00 ÷ 10.00 %/°C 0.00 ÷ 10.00 %/°C -
Power supply 6 V / 2 A power adapter
Dimensions (mm) L = 200, W = 180, H = 20/50
Weight 720 g
Printer Thermal, 60 mm width
* The accuracy of the meter only.
** The accuracy of the meter only. The total error includes the meters and probe’s accuracy. In the range 0 ÷100 °C the acceptable error of the probe with Pt-1000B resistor: ±0.8°C , with Pt-1000A resistor: ±0.35°C.