• For laboratory measurements.
  • High accuracy.
  • Large, back-lit display.
  • Single and multifunction meters.
  • Wide range of additional features.
  • Memory of 4000 results in the 505 meters. In the 502 meters possibility of storing 950 results.
  • Possibility of collecting series of measurements with the set number of measurements and with the given time interval.
  • Clock with date.
  • USB output for a PC.
  • Powered with a power adapter.
  • Splash proof housing - IP-65.
  • The meters meets the GLP requirements.
  • The 502 meters have a built in thermal printer, but smaller display without back-light.

Choose the model:

CP-505 pH meter
CP-502 pH meter
pH / conductivity meter
pH / conductivity meter
pH / oxygen meter
pH / oxygen meter
pH / ion meter
pH / ion meter
multifunction meter
multifunction meter

Other series:

- pocket size, for field work.
- for field and laboratory work.
-for field and laboratory work, colour touch screen.
- for field and laboratory work, high accuracy, many additional features.
-for field and laboratory work, in case of multifunction meters simultaneous measurement and result observation of up to 4 functions, color touch screen.
- for laboratory work.
- for laboratory measurements, color graphic touch screen.
- for laboratory measurements, high accuracy, in case of multifunction meters possibility of simultaneous measurement and result observation of up to 5 functions, color graphic touch screen.
- for laboratory work, also field version available, highest accuracy, large, color graphic touch screen. Possibility of simultaneous measurement and displaying results of 7 functions, possibility of observing results in numerical or graphical form.
- for continuous measurements and controlling, simple and more developed models.
- simple, with not replaceable electrodes, lower accuracy than in meters.
- accessories for meters

Each next series is more developed, has a better accuracy and more additional features.