The most important features

Detailed description

Laboratory meter in benchtop housing, powered with 12 V power adapter.
Accurately measures: pH, redox potential (mV) and temperature.
The meter has built in thermal printer (60mm).

Characteristic Features:

In comparison with CP-505 the meter has smaller display without backlight. There is no possibility to hold the reading on the display and no information about the reading stabilisation. Does not create calibration reports. No possibility of viewing the electrode's buffer and slope.

The standard set includes CT2B-121 temperature sensor with Pt-1000B resistor, EPS-1 pH electrode for measurements in clean water. It should not be used in other types of liquid. Measurements in liquid with sediment should be made with use of IJ-44A pH electrode, which enables measurements in various samples of both pure and contaminated liquids and semi-solids. Its unusual construction (”intermediate junction”) protects the real junction (diaphragma) of the electrode against clogging, ensures stable measurements in these types of liquids or semi-liquid masses, in which other electrodes stop working quickly. When properly handled and maintained, the electrode's lifetime is longer than the standard electrodes.

Function pH Redox / mV Temperature
Range -2.000 ÷ 16.000 pH ± 1999.9 mV -50.0 ÷ 199.9 °C
Resolution 0.001 pH or 0.01 pH 0.1 mV 0.1 °C
Accuracy (±1 digit) ±0.002 pH* ±0.1 mV* ±0.1 °C**
Temperature compensation range -5 ÷ 110 °C - -
Input impedance >1012Ω >1012Ω -
Power supply 6,2 V / 3,2 A
Weight 620 g
Dimensions (mm) L=200, W=180, H=20/50
Printer thermal, width: 60 mm
* The accuracy of the meter only.
** The accuracy of the meter only. The total error includes the meters and probe's accuracy. In the range 0 ÷ 100 °C the acceptable error of the probe with Pt-1000B resistor: ±0.8 °C , with Pt-1000A resistor: ±0.35 °C.