The Redox electrodes are used for measurements of liquids in which the oxidation reduction processes take place. The result is determined in mV. In most cases for such measurements a pH meter with a mV function is used.
There are few types of the redox (ORP) electrodes, but in a practice the most common are the combination electrodes with AgAgCl reference electrode and platinum measuring electrode. The platinum part has a shape of a small plate, rod, ring or a wire in form of a spiral mounted at the end of the electrode.
The redox electrodes are not calibrated.
For the continuous industrial measurements (online) electrodes with thread for placing them in the immersion heads are offered. Also electrodes without the thread but with a cable are in our offer, they can be mounted in a flow head with use of a special sealing gland.

Detailed description of the electrodes after choosing the type.

- glass redox electrode with platinum measuring element