For the industrial (online) measurements of the oxygen dissolved in water and oxygen in the air we offer galvanic oxygen sensors COG-1, COG-1B and COG-2. The sensors may work for several years under the condition of proper handling and simple maintaining. They are characterised by a good accuracy and competitive price.

Our oxygen sensors consist of a silver cathode and a zinc anode placed in the KCl electrolyte solution, separated from the measured solution by the membrane, which is permeable for oxygen. After immersing the dissolved oxygen diffuses through the membrane and is reduced on the cathode, what generates voltage proportional to the partial pressure of the oxygen at the actual temperature. The oxygen diffusion is changing together with the temperature changes. The sensors have a special built in automatic temperature / permeability correction system.

Detailed description of the sensors after choosing the type.

- with cable, for flow heads
- screwed into the immersion heads.
-with built in temperature sensor, weight and cable length 5 m (longer on order).
May be used without head.
- with built in temperature sensor, maintenance free,
for measurements only in air