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Solutions for the pH electrode calibration
In order to eliminate the error of the electrode, it is periodically calibrated in standard or buffer solutions.
The "standard" term may be meet as a name of:
1. Solution with defined pH value offered for pH electrodes calibration.
2. As a standard solution offered for pH electrodes calibration, made according to international NIST norms and recommended, in most countries by their National Offices of Measures.

The buffer solutions with the certified pH values and high accuracy may be made of different compounds and the NIST standards have be strictly compliant with the norms and made of the specified compounds.

It should be emphasized that all companies provide a time warranty for a closed, unopened solution. After opening and using it may loose its declared pH value, what is connected with the influence of the gases from the environment, influence of the contaminations brought on the electrode and appearance of the bacteria, despite the addition of stabilizing ingredients.

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