Immersible heads are designed for cooperation with controllers used for continuous pH, redox potential, conductivity, oxygen content and temperature measurements. They may be used for measurements in tanks and sewage drains.

The heads are equipped with a bow to be hanged on an outrigger. Standard length: 1 m. Possible length: 0.5 m to 4 m.

In the lower part of the head there is built-in temperature sensor (except GPZ-1) and connector for screwing in the electrodes and cells.
The removable lower part of the head facilitates cleaning and replacement of the electrodes, cells or sensors.
Periodical calibration is simple and proceeds after pulling the head out of the measured liquid and with use of the plexiglass cover into which the standard or buffer solution should be pourred in. This cover is also used for periodical cleaning of the cell's or electrodes.
In the upper part there is a connector with a gland for the cable connecting with the measuring device. In case of using the head with meters of 800 series, it is necessary to use preamplifiers. For the meters of 421 series in case of pH measurement, when the distance between the head and meter is below 10 m, using the preamplifier is not necessary.
The wireless transmission from the head to the meters of 800 series is possible.
The selection of electrodes and controllers depends on many factors affecting the measurement. Before preparation of the offer it is necessary to contact us by email and next to fill in the received questionnaire about the user's requirements and working conditions.

Technical Data
Length with the head standard 1 m, maximal 4 m.
Outside diameter 50 mm (or to be agreed)
Minimal immersion level 50 mm
Material PVC