GXP-1t head

GPP-1 head

We offer flow heads for continuous measurements in PCV pipelines, into which they are glued in.
In case of steel pipelines we offer the electrode equipment mounted in a special thread welded into the pipeline according to our instructions.

The diameter is adjusted to the pipeline diameter, as standard it is 50 mm.
Electrodes or cells are mounted vertically, sealed with a gland or screwed into the head.
Depending on the model of the meter cooperating with the head, it may be necessary to apply a built-in preamplifier in the close proximity of the head.
GPP-1 is designed for cooperation with EPX-1t screwed-in pH electrode for measurements in contaminated liquids.
The electrode has a built-in temperature sensor. Teflon junction, flat membrane and 3/4” thread. The maximal liquid's pressure is up to 6 bar.
GCP-1t head has screwed-in conductivity cell integrated with preamplifier and it cooperates exclusively with the 800 series controllers.
In case of high pressure exceeding the electrode's endurance, it is advised to use GXP-01 head connected by a valve with a pipeline. Minimal amount of the measured liquid is directed beyond the pipeline through the valve and after measurement it flows out to the sewage.
The electrode or cell built in the head require periodical cleaning and calibration. In such case it is necessary to temporarily close the flow of the measured liquid.

The selection of electrodes and meters depends on many factors affecting the measurement. Before preparation of the offer it is necessary to contact us by email and next fill in the received questionnaire about the user's requirements and working conditions.

GXP-01M head
GCP-1t head
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