• The 804 models enables measurements and controlling in 1 to 4 points.
  • Possibility of measurement and controlling of 4 different functions or this same function but in 4 different places.
  • The device is designed for continuous work.
  • Large, graphic display, showing results of all the measured functions.
  • Outputs: 4 relays controlling 4 different points (on / off, alarm in a point or in a range).
  • Isolated digital: RS-485, MODBUS (ASCII and RTU).
  • Isolated current outputs: 0 ÷ 20 or 4 ÷20 mA.
  • The meter is equipped with the real time clock with date.
  • Powered with standard 230 V voltage, which is galvanically isolated from the input clamps.
  • Optionally different power supply voltage: 110/230/24 V AC, 12 – 24 V DC.
  • Low power voltage signalisation.
  • It is possible to connect a remote panel (keyboard with display), which enables controlling the device from up to 1 km distance.
  • Possibility of the data radio transmission from the measuring head to the controller.

Choose the model:

multifunction controller

Other series:

- controllers for continuous measurements of 1 function and temperature.
- easy in use meter for continuous measurement of pH, conductivity and temperature, no controlling option.
- controller with more developed range of additional features, measurement of 1 function and temperature.
- accessories for meters

Each next series is more developed, has a better accuracy and more additional features.