The simulators are designed for controlling operation, accuracy, temperature compensation of pH-meters and detecting false indications. They simulate voltage created by an ideal pH electrode.
In case of detecting errors the pH simulators help controlling whether the problem is connected with the meter or the electrode. Enable checking if the input impedance of pH-meter is sufficient for cooperating with every electrode.

The CSP-101 is a simple, portable device powered with batteries, it simulates 3 constant values: 4.00 pH, 7.00 pH and 10.00 pH.
It is easy in use and recommended for controlling pH meters in laboratories, factories and universities.

The CSP-501 is a very accurate laboratory device recommended for institutions involved in controlling accuracy of the pH meters.

As standard, the simulators may be connected to the meters equipped with the BNC-50 socket, it is also possible to apply connectors with other types of plugs.

Technical data
Type Range Resolution Accuracy Input impedance Power
CSP-101 3 constant values
4.00, 7.00, 10.00 pH
0.01 pH ±0.01 pH 10 kΩ / 10 12Ω battery 3 x LR44
CSP-501 - 3.999 ÷ 17.999 pH
± 1999.9 mV
0.001 pH
0.1 mV
±0.0005 pH
±0.05 mV
10 kΩ / 10 12Ω 9V power adapter